Insha Education Solutions (IEC) is operating under the supervision of highly experienced educated professionals who Studied & Worked at European Countries. 



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Why Us?

We guide students to plan their education & also direct their ideas towards career planning.

Scholarship Assistance

There are different types of scholarships for Indian students who wish to study abroad.

Study Abroad

We have professionals who have versatile experience to suggest right career options .

Abroad Education Consultants in Kanyakumari
Why Choose Us

“Best Abroad Education Consultant in Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli”

The rules and policies for overseas education keeps changing. Taking into consideration multiple countries and hundreds of universities that offer over a thousand programmes, it can get a little daunting. That is why having someone with the specific expertise on your side is absolutely essential. Save time, money and effort.

Deciding to pursue an overseas education is one of the most life changing decisions that you can make. Considering the huge monetary commitment and time invested, it is necessary to get it absolutely spot on. From choosing the country to the university to the course, there are many big and small decisions that needs to be taken.

We help you choose the best course that aligns with your life goals and ambitions. Irrespective of your academic background, we ensure that you get the best possible opportunity for overseas education.that’s how we became the best Abroad Education Consultants in Kanyakumari, Kerala and South Tamil Nadu

Our motto is -

“To make available to even an average grade Indian student the best quality International education at an affordable cost.”

We help you choose a destination, a university, and a course that is a logical extension of your personality and aspirations and compliments your life in the best possible way.


Scholarship Assistance

There are different types of partial and full scholarships and grants that are available for Indian students who wish to study abroad. Most students and parents are not even aware of this. We can help you understand the eligibility criteria and apply for the same.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Adventure is the best way to learn. It is the single most effective way to see the world in a new light.

Studying abroad is a great experience. Not only is it an opportunity to experience a new education system and practises, it is also a great way to broaden your horizons and gain very crucial life skills. You don’t just get a degree and a job but you also become a better professional and a better, more confident version of yourself. This experience will always give you an advantage – something that will give you a head start later on in life. Get admission to the top foreign universities from the best Abroad Education Consultants in Kanyakumari, Kerala and South Tamil Nadu.

Our professionals have the versatile experience to suggest the right career options to make sure you make the most out of your years abroad.
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Services to Students

In a very short span of time, we gained utmost satisfaction from both students & parents. We are a student-based organization in customizing abroad study destinations that suits individual profiles. When a student approaches us for Abroad Education Counselling, we will gather their requirements very clearly, and only after that, we start processing the application. We are processing student applications with 100% transparency. We officially represent over 450 of the world’s top-ranking universities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore & other European countries. For Educational loan processing, we do have good contacts with Private as well as nationalized Indian banks. From day.1 of our processing starts; we will give regular periodic updates to students on the application status. These procedures made us one of the best Abroad education consultants in Kanyakumari, Kerala and South Tamil Nadu.

Free Career Counseling

We at Counsel keeping in view our students’ ambition, academic & work background.

Country & University selection

After selecting the course, next step is choosing the country and the University.

Application process

We assist our students in filling of application forms, guidance in preparation of recommendation letters.

Educational Loan assistance

We will personally assist our students in securing educational loans.

Visa Assistance

We assist our Students clearly in filing Visa application at Embassy.

Accommodation assistance

We will personally assist our students in getting affordable accommodation.


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Best abroad education consultants

Selection of Country, Courses & Institutes

Top study abroad consultants in Kanyakumari

Test Preparation

Top study abroad consultants in Kanyakumari

Guidance with Scholarship, Visa & Finance Assistance

German education consultancy in Kanyakumari
Abroad Education Consultants in Kanyakumari

Services to the Universities & Institutes

Insha Consulting Experts provides the best overseas education services. They are marked by high quality, authenticity and satisfaction delivered to the clients.

The services that Insha Consulting Experts provides to the Universities & Institutions that it represents are strictly in coherence with their ethical codes. We stand for the institutes that we truly believe in as the best for our students. As a result, we consider it as our duty to promote these educational alma maters in a way that highlights their USP’s for their and our student’s betterment:

Marketing & Promotional services for Universities & Institutes
Enhanced services for Universities & Institutes

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