Insha Education Solutions (IEC) is operating under the supervision of highly experienced educated professionals who Studied & Worked at European Countries. 



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Best career counselling for abroad studies

Free Career Counselling

Going beyond just a programme and a job

We understand that career counselling is more than just deciding on a programme or major and finding a job when you graduate. Our student mentors and educational experts offer career counselling keeping in view the ambitions and background (educational and professional) of the students. We help you navigate the ever changing landscape of education and career in foreign countries. We provide the best career counseling for abroad studies in Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli

Country & University selection


The best fit for your dreams and education destination

We help you select the course, as well as the country and the University. We help you find answers to questions such as

  • What scope does the destination offer for your course?
  • Does the destination have the educational structure that you want?
  • How can you fulfil the entry requirements?
  • What are the employment opportunities?
  • What are the student visa requirements and policies?
  • What’s the ROI and value of your degree back in India?
  • How much will it cost you?
Application process
Meeting the requirements and simplifying the process

Right from applying for the visa to submitting the documents, to scheduling the interview, preparation for your interview, we will be with you. Every step of the way. We can also help you with preparation of recommendation letters.

Educational Loan assistance
Finance should never stand in between you and your dreams

We have good rapport with many private and nationalised banks to help you with educational loan assistance. We can also help you with the application paper work, readying the supporting documents and proofs and securing the loan.

Visa Assistance
The first step towards a successful career

Visa application at the Embassy can be an anxious process for students. We assist you in every possible way and make sure the application and documents are in order and that your visa gets stamped.

Accommodation assistance
A home away from home

Our network of contacts in the destination countries and our extensive alumni network enable us to help you in finding suitable accommodation that is affordable and dependable. A safe and homely accommodation facility greatly impacts the educational performance. We make it possible for you to enjoy the cultural richness of your dream destination and also mingle with student communities and have a wholesome and enriching experience.

For exams and communication

We will personally assist our students in preparing for IELTS/TOEFL exams. We have our own dedicated trainer who trains our student on UK/US communication accent as well

Third Part Funding support
Upto 70 Lakhs INR Funding Support. For each and every country visa processing, students need to show huge amount of funds as show money either in their Savings or FD Account. It is a big challenge for 7 out of 10 students to arrange that large amount of funding. Our team is working with some Third-Party Funding providers to assist in the process
Career counseling for abroad studies
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