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About Germany

German education consultancy in Kanyakumari , Nagercoil

So far in history, Germany is the land of Creative & Innovative ideas. Totally there are 16 states in Germany with Berlin as the capital & largest city. Around 8.2 crores inhabitants are there in Germany.

The automotive industry plays a key role in Germany’s brand elite. German inventions such as Microscope, Bunsen Burner, Diesel Engine, Contact lens, Tape recorder, MP3 Music format changed the World.  Germany is the home for 5 luxury car brands. German technology is always unique and forefront in the emerging scientific world. Also, German people’s culture, tradition & lifestyle makes them stand away from the crowd. If you want to study in Germany contact us we are the top German education consultancy in Kanyakumari and Nagercoil.

As per the survey conducted by British Council’s Global Gauge, Germany has been ranked 1st as the most supportive country for overseas students in the year 2011. German government is spending billions of Euros every year for Research & Development. In QS World Top 1000 Universities ranking list, there are 45 universities in Germany. Out of 840 noble prizes issued in the world, 102 noble prize winners are from Germany.

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Job opportunities in Germany

Germany ranked 5th Industrialized country in the world with unemployment rate of only 5.9%. Comparing other European countries, Germany offers ample job opportunities for international students from all over the world. Moreover, many industries reduced there working hours to 35 hours/week.

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